Scott Harrison   
Hello, I'm Scott Harrison, The owner of Sailing boat 21477. I have been sailing for 7 Year's stated in 2010 with the Scout's at Waterside Lodge in Southport. In 2012 I got Laser mark 1 sailing boat 21477 as a birthday present. 21477 lives at Southport sailing club where I have been a member since 2011.  

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Below is some information about Sailing boat 21477:

Year built: 1970's

size of 21477: 4.23m

Length waterline: 3.81m

Standard sail: 7.06m

Radial sail: 5.76m

Nominal Weight (with fittings): 58kg

Water depth needed to float (no centre board or rudder): 15cm

Water depth needed to float (Centre board and rudder): 1 meter

Number of people: Racing: 1 other: 2

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